November 28, 2011

Somewhere On Your Stolen Bike

This is a painting I did in the spring for the Romance of the Wheel show.

November 8, 2011

Nobrow 6: The Double

So this was a really exciting opportunity. Nobrow, which is based in England, publishes incredibly beautiful books, contacted me to be a part of their most recent issue. It was kind of awkward timing because I was out of the city all summer and working pretty demanding hours so I had to do this on my down time on the computer. I had to pick up my Dad's tablet from home and work on it in the maintenance shop at night.

It's a different process than I'm used to because they needed a specific colour scheme and the colour separations for their printing technique. It was a fun challenge and it was fantastic to be a part of!

You can preorder it here. It's twice the size of their previous editions with one side dedicated to sequential stories and the other for the two page spread illustrations.