November 28, 2011

Somewhere On Your Stolen Bike

This is a painting I did in the spring for the Romance of the Wheel show.

November 8, 2011

Nobrow 6: The Double

So this was a really exciting opportunity. Nobrow, which is based in England, publishes incredibly beautiful books, contacted me to be a part of their most recent issue. It was kind of awkward timing because I was out of the city all summer and working pretty demanding hours so I had to do this on my down time on the computer. I had to pick up my Dad's tablet from home and work on it in the maintenance shop at night.

It's a different process than I'm used to because they needed a specific colour scheme and the colour separations for their printing technique. It was a fun challenge and it was fantastic to be a part of!

You can preorder it here. It's twice the size of their previous editions with one side dedicated to sequential stories and the other for the two page spread illustrations.

June 25, 2011

Time in Muskoka

Hey people who read or look at stuff here, I just wanted to share a few things that've happened the past while. The wonderful folks at Squidface and the Meddler did another interview with me about my thesis work. You can check it here! A neat publishing company called Fiddleback did a feature about Blood Meridian covers and included my stab at it as well.

Also just heard from 3x3 that I received Gold for my Black Bart and George Gordon paintings and a Distinguished Merit for Ed Gein! Congratulations to Jennifer Phelan and Anjo Chiang for their awards, such talented ladies! You can check the full list over student winners here.

It's been an exciting year and I'm looking forward to the future and a few opportunities that have popped up recently. It's going to be a little quiet here for a while because I'm out of the city for the next 2 months working in Muskoka but things'll pick up again soon after. Thanks to everyone for the support and enjoy your summers!

May 25, 2011

Romance of the Wheel!

Here's all the info and a wonderful poster drawn and designed by Jessie Durham and Dmitry Bondarenko WHO TOTALLY RULE. Myself and a ton of others will have work in it so come on and see it!

May 11, 2011

Aileen Wuornos

Born into an unstable home Aileen was abandoned by her mother as a child and raised for a time by her grandparents. From an early age she became sexual active with multiple partners and at 15 was thrown out of her grandparents house. She lived in the woods and supported herself through prostitution. She later hitchhiked to Florida and it was there that she murdered 7 men whom she claimed had sexually assaulted her while working as a prostitute.

The Kray Twins

Growing up together in London’s East End, Ronnie and Reggie were one of the most violent organized crime leaders during the 1950’s. As teenagers they were relatively successful lightweight boxers but became more known and feared for their violence outside the ring. They rose through London’s underground and became prominent nightclub owners. They were huge fixtures in the night life there and were affiliated with many celebrities at the time, most notably Frank Sinatra.

Andrea Yates

Suffering from postpartum depression and dementia Yates lived for a time in a small trailer with her 5 children and husband. They were devoutly religious and “would seek to have as many babies as nature allowed.” The pressure of their growing family proved to be too much for Andrea and after multiple failed suicide attempts she drowned her 5 children in their tub.

Ed Gein

Raised and sheltered by his religiously fanatic mother, he was teased for his effeminate demeanor. Ed went on to dig up the bodies of women at the local graveyard and later murdered two women. When the police raided his home they discovered one of the most horrific crime scenes any have witnessed with skin stretched over furniture, skull bowls, a body suit stitched from skin and many other body parts used in disgusting ways. He was the influence for many horror movies such as The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Psycho, and Buffalo Bill’s character in Silence of the Lambs.

Phil Spector

A famous music producer throughout the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s, Phil is most famous for his recording technique called the “wall of sound”. Suffering from intense bouts of paranoia he was known for violent mood swings and famously pulled a gun on The Ramones. Spector later shot and killed his girlfriend and appeared in many courtrooms with an assortment of ridiculous wigs.

George Gordon

A drillmaster and eventual brigadier general for the Confederate army. He became the first nation wide Grand Master of the Klu Klux Klan.

John Torrio

One of the head mob bosses and booze smugglers during prohibition era American. John Torrio immigrated from Italy when he was a child with his mother after the death of his father. Raised in New York City he helped build the criminal empire known as the Chicago Outfit and mentored its successor, Al Capone.

Unabomber (Ted Kaczynski)

Considered a mathematical child prodigy, Ted Kaczynski attended Harvard at the age of 16. After completing his PHD and a short time spent as a professor Ted moved to a remote cabin where he attempted to become self sufficient. It was from here that he started a mail bombing spree that spanned over 20 years. Spurred by the destruction of the wilderness around his home he used bombings to attract attention for his cause. He sent a letter to authorities claiming to stop the bombings if the Times or Washington Post printed his manifesto. It was through this letter that he was eventually apprehended.

Black Bart

Known for his gentlemanly demeanor when robbing stage coaches, he was most famous for leaving poems at a few of his crime scenes. His criminal career resulted from his troubled history with Wells Fargo. The company approached him when seeking to buy his land where he had a small mining business. After refusing their offer they cut off his water supply and ruined his land. He went on to target and rob only their stage coaches.


Hello! I'm gonna post all the images I did for my thesis this year! Here's a short explanation about what they're all about.

A series of paintings that describes the turning point of various infamous outlaws. Each image dissects the reasons behind why these people abandon societies rules and carve their unlawful paths through life.

It was a pretty great year and I ended up winning the medal for illustration! It's incredibly flattering considering how amazing everyones work was this year. Garry Ing is a fantastic designer who did the website for the illustration department and you can check that out below!

May 10, 2011

Pablo Escobar

Rising from one of the poorest regions of Colombia, Pablo went to become one of the richest men on the planet through his vast drug trafficking empire. Notorious for public assassinations on politicians, bribery and extortion, Escobar had almost complete control over his country. Despite this he was championed by the poor for his financial support from which many came to rely on.

April 19, 2011

Creative Type 3!

This is my submission for the Creative Type show this month. It’s probably the longest I’ve spent on a painting and it was pretty fun and draining! Don’t usually work this large and I have to say it’s really satisfying. Looking forward to expanding the scale of my stuff in the future! The words come from a sample used in The Books song, “Be Good To Them Always”. A wonderfully bizarre tune that has Nick Zammuto singing along with samples of various people constructing quasi apocalyptic lyrics. Probably one of the most creative bands working today!

April 17, 2011


This is a shirt design I did for the band Phosphorescent! Great band that I’m psyched to have gotten to work with. They've got quite a few records out but I was particularly floored by their most recent album Here's To Taking it Easy. It's a dusty country rock record which is pretty different than Matthew Houck's previous output of quiet introspective folk. Really impressive how well realized the sound is now that he's decided to let loose a little. AND THAT PEDAL STEEL! Saw them live a bit ago and if you ever have the chance take it, they were fantastic and a lotta fun!!


Here's a taste if anyone's interested.

February 26, 2011

Back To Beyond

Hey everyone. Long time no post. It's tough cuz I'm kinda holding out posting everything I'm working on until the grad show. I'm busy making new paintings and doing lots of changes with already completed work so it's a busy time!
During the winter break over the course of two days I completed these 6 small paintings. I was pretty proud how fast they all came together! If you're in the Junction (Dundas West and High Park ave) in the next two weeks make sure you drop by Chuck Akudu where you'll see these! 11 other artists including:
Dave Bell
Abbas Rizvi
Julian Altrows
Ivan Zoric
Corey Smith
Alex Christiani
Galen Milne-hines
Caitlin Taguibao
Adrian Forrow
Jim Mezei
All have work up! Sorry for the lack of updates but come April things'll be boppin' a lil more.