September 4, 2008

End of summer pt. 7

potential final? Any suggestions send them my way, still waiting to hear back! I think the patterned lines need to be thickened which I've already done on some other colour tests. Any colour suggestions as well for different colour T-shirts?

End of summer pt. 6

funky colour test and another quick sketch.

End of summer pt. 5

sketches and tests. Very rigidly drawn aminalz

end of summer pt. 4

This was one I started but ended up leaving because it was waaay too much of a rip off of jessica's pretty painting. The other I just ended up not liking, but I stole the text and put it in the other Fleet Foxes drawing I did. The last was one I was working on until Robin contacted me, inspired by the few sketches I did earlier.

End of summer pt.3

End of summer pt. 2

The rest is Fleet Foxes stuff!! (!!!!!)

End of summer pt.1

If I try putting more than 3 pictures things get funky so I'll put them on multiple posts.