March 18, 2008

March 15, 2008

baby timmy

Mr.Foo in a provocative pose...

Twig Beard

This is supposed to be Sam Beam of Iron and Wine


These are drawings I did for...I dont' remember the name of the place but I got paid for them!

March 11, 2008

I miss summer

The above drawing was inspired by this lovely pic of me and the boyz by Tasha from highschool. The drawing was an illustration for a story we had to write and mine is of the moment my character falls from the bridge, hits his head on a rock and dies and his friends watch him drift down the river. We weren't allowed to have the main character in the scene which is good cuz I probably would have gone the gory route.

Virginia is for Lovers

On the way home from Virginia last summer. Sarah appears twice in this picture (passenger and bottom left) cuz we moved around the car throughout the drive.

Gourmet Mustard

This is a poster I made for Jeremy who owns Kozlik's. He's avoided me since I did it so I guess he doesn't like it and I wont get paid cuz it was such a casual deal. But maybe in time it'll work out, I guess I learned a lesson in the mean time.

Psycho Gerry


March 6, 2008

technical difficulties

I'm still figuring this thing out, I'm not sure how to make it so you can click the images and have them appear bigger in a new window or how to display certain info and links, but hopefully soon I can figure it out... or someone can help me :)

This a recent drawing I did for Gary Taxali's class, it didn't turn out really how I envisioned it but it looked better printed. I also added more ink and overlayed different printouts to give it a little more depth, but like Gary and others have said, it could have had more shadow and light variations. I should have darkened the wood and the man in the foreground, and had the room with the woman a little lighter. The concept for the drawing was based on  a fortune cookie, "Accept what you cannot change and you will feel better."

School work

Hello I'm Sean, I'm gonna post some drawings I've done so far in my second year of illustration at ocad... although some are from before and others are drawings done in my spare time (which I don't do nearly enough of). But I think this will be a cool place to put stuff up, and hopefully I can look back and see if I've gotten any better over time. Feel Free to say whatever you'd like!
This is a sketch I did of panda bear.