November 11, 2013

Rainbow Falls

Rainbow Falls
This one took awhile! Rainbow Falls will be shown along with 3 other paintings in a group show, Don’t Wake Daddy VIII, curated by Heiko Muller in Hamburg, Germany. If you happen to find yourself in that area between November 30 - December 21 you should check it out!
Don’t Wake Daddy VIII
Featured artists: Dan Barry , Jana Brike, Paul Chatem, Edward Robin Coronel, Alex Diamond, Mark Elliott, Femke Hiemstra, Ryan Heshka, Kelu, Susanne König, Elmar Lause, Sean Lewis, Jon MacNair, Taren McCallan Moore, Brendan Monroe, Sergio Mora, Heiko Müller, Thorsten Passfeld, Bene Rohlmann, Marcus Schäfer, Fred Stonehouse and Marco Wagner
Feinkunst Krüger
Kohlhöfen 8
20355 Hamburg

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