February 26, 2011

Back To Beyond

Hey everyone. Long time no post. It's tough cuz I'm kinda holding out posting everything I'm working on until the grad show. I'm busy making new paintings and doing lots of changes with already completed work so it's a busy time!
During the winter break over the course of two days I completed these 6 small paintings. I was pretty proud how fast they all came together! If you're in the Junction (Dundas West and High Park ave) in the next two weeks make sure you drop by Chuck Akudu where you'll see these! 11 other artists including:
Dave Bell
Abbas Rizvi
Julian Altrows
Ivan Zoric
Corey Smith
Alex Christiani
Galen Milne-hines
Caitlin Taguibao
Adrian Forrow
Jim Mezei
All have work up! Sorry for the lack of updates but come April things'll be boppin' a lil more.

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Squidface & The Meddler said...

Hey Sean,

These look fantastic! We'll definitely be going down to the Junction to check them out!

Mike & Jes.