November 3, 2010


Hey guys, sorry for the super long stretch of inactivity. Good news is lots of exciting stuff is happening right now! A show with tons of talented folks will commence next week, we will be creating a collaborative mural that will stretch the length of the entire gallery!! Make sure you come out to the opening on November 12th, unfortunately I wont be there but lots of way cooler folks will be. On the 11th of December make sure you come around again for the closing show and check out the mural again as we will all continue to further develop each section of our mural throughout the shows running time! Then join us for a super fun after party at the White House. All the info is up on that card above.

Also I'm now neck deep in all things thesis and I'm already really excited about the direction things are heading with it. I'll make sure I post up some sketches and stuff but I wont be posting any finals until they're all done in May. I've got a lot of other stuff running parallel with Thesis so I hope to have a bunch of other images posted here very soon. Thanks for your time!

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