March 6, 2008

technical difficulties

I'm still figuring this thing out, I'm not sure how to make it so you can click the images and have them appear bigger in a new window or how to display certain info and links, but hopefully soon I can figure it out... or someone can help me :)

This a recent drawing I did for Gary Taxali's class, it didn't turn out really how I envisioned it but it looked better printed. I also added more ink and overlayed different printouts to give it a little more depth, but like Gary and others have said, it could have had more shadow and light variations. I should have darkened the wood and the man in the foreground, and had the room with the woman a little lighter. The concept for the drawing was based on  a fortune cookie, "Accept what you cannot change and you will feel better."

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting your process! I'm trying to render wood, and your process drawing helped me a lot as I am not a very good drawer :P Cool blog, you are good at what you do