March 26, 2012

Wilderness of Manitoba - Island of Echoes

Front Cover

Back Cover

Inner Sleeve

Inner Sleeve

Template Layout

Delaware House EP Cover

The past year has been very unproductive on the art making front unfortunately. I had the opportunity to do a lot of road tripping and meet lots of fantastic people so I wouldn't call it wasted time by any means but I hope to get back into this more. While working as a counselling supervisor this summer (when only have one week counselling experience in my life previously o_o) I had the great fortune of working with my good friends The Wilderness of Manitoba for their upcoming record Island of Echoes. It was pretty interesting balancing these jobs but I'm so pleased it all worked out and had this opportunity. It's a fantastic album and a huge leap in sound comparatively to their previous work so needless to say I'm psyched about this! It was a lovely challenge to represent the expansiveness of the record and hopefully I did it justice.
A few notes on the images above:
The two paintings were toss ups for which would end up being the cover. In the end we decided on the summer scene because it represented a side to the band that hadn't really been expressed visually before and also spoke for the great summery tunes throughout the album.
The second painting is the back cover and partially channels a nightmare that Will told me about set at Elk Island. This was a really tricky painting to pull off, it was very hard for whatever reason to get two separate colour schemes to work together but also remain distinct from one another. The outer winter scene is also comprised of colours outside of my comfort zone so there was a lot of second guessing and over painting.
The inner sleeves, disc art and Delaware House EP cover are all drawings from my sketchbook that I coloured and edited within photoshop. The type was also all hand drawn and arranged with photoshop as well!
Excited to share this, the record is out September 18th!

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the back cover is amazing!