April 10, 2009

48 Laws of Power

The First one is Law # 46, "Never Appear Too Perfect" and the second is Law # 48, "Assume Formlessness". They're both Acrylic on wood, really happy with how they turned out!


anjo said...

i love the hands and i love the eyes.
This is amazing!

Anonymous said...

Here are all of Robert Greenes interviews...http://robertgreene.net this guy is the bomb! for his upcoming book with 50 cent, the 50th Law or check it here http://robertgreene.net/Robert_Greene_Curtis_50_Cent_Jackson_The_50th_Law.html

BrendanGeorge said...

I never told you how awesome these are, but they are absolutely, awesome.

art exchange!

Sean said...

Thanks Brendan!! Art exchange sometime for sure!