October 18, 2008

First assignment

So I'm kinda happy with this. I got lazy particularly with the colours in the second panel. I'm also not a confident painter so I'm trying my best, hopefully I'll get better!

(the assignment was to take 3 classified ads and make a story out of them. The first was "Shemale massage for men", the second "Anyone who witnessed an accident between anautomobile and a bicycle on Jarvis street contact...." and the last "Widower - 60's, 5'6" seeks female 45 - 62 for a long term relationship.)


Taj said...


and fucking gross sean, wtf.

Nat said...

hahaha, this still makes me laugh whenever I see it.

Jessica Mundell said...

I feel like I can hear the screeching of breaks and crunching of bones.

------ said...

Fuck that Sean, this is hilarious. The blood in panel #2 wouldn't be right any other way.

Keep being totally awkward.