March 11, 2008

I miss summer

The above drawing was inspired by this lovely pic of me and the boyz by Tasha from highschool. The drawing was an illustration for a story we had to write and mine is of the moment my character falls from the bridge, hits his head on a rock and dies and his friends watch him drift down the river. We weren't allowed to have the main character in the scene which is good cuz I probably would have gone the gory route.


brianbruan said...

finding your blog just made procrastinating my film paper soooo much more enjoyable seanie lew!

I miss summer too :(

but the snow's melting melting melting awayy

Sean said...

thanks baby! When you coming home??

brianbruan said...

be back mid-week!
we shall touch and banter in glorious re-union soon!